Distress Centres across Ontario offer a variety of services

Help Line Distress Line A free telephone help-line for people experiencing emotional distress (including suicide), providing confidential and caring emotional support.  Most centres are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, even when other agencies are closed.  Available: Durham, London, Niagara, North Halton, Oakville, Ottawa, Peel, Toronto, Waterloo Region, Wellington-Dufferin Available other times: Cambridge (12 hours daily – various); Lanark, Leeds and Grenville (5 pm to 12 am); Kingston (7pm – 3am); Outaouais (7am – 2am); Windsor-Essex (12pm – 12am)
Help line (Distress Line) – languages other than English French:  Ottawa
French:  Outauouais
Translation available in 151 languages:  Toronto
TTY for hearing impaired:  Toronto, Peel, Wellington-Dufferin
Youthline A help line dedicated to youth.  Available:  Waterloo Region, Wellington-Dufferin
Seniors’ Helpline A help line for seniors, answered by volunteer who are also seniors.  Special emphasis on identifying signs of senior abuse.  Follow-up is available by social workers (Peel only).  Available:  Peel, London
Ears Line A help line for male victims of sexual assault.  Available:  Waterloo Region
Emergency Shelter Line A help line for people needing temporary, emergency shelter.  Available:  Wellington-Dufferin
Mobile Crisis Team Mobile Crisis Team works closely with hospital emergency rooms, psychiatrists and police to ensure a safe and comprehensive response to a person in crisis. Available:  Ottawa, Peel, Waterloo, Wellington/Dufferin
Tele-Check A daily call out service checks on elderly or disabled people in their homes.  Available:  Sarnia, Wellington-Dufferin
Call out service Repeated callers are invited to receive scheduled calls to give them safety during a short-term but ongoing crisis. Available:  Durham
Ongoing Support Program Provides emotional support and suicide and crisis intervention for people with depression and mental illness during periodic difficulties. Available:  Peel
Volunteer Training All Distress Centres offer a place to volunteer in a meaningful way that will change the lives of hurting people.  Training is extensive, and the skills gained are essential in life and work. Volunteers learn active listening skills, how to deal with a crisis, and much more.  For more information, click here (link to volunteer page).
ASIST Training Recognized around the world, this two-day workshops teaches “suicide first aid” to participants, in a highly interactive and effective format.  People who have attended rave about the course, telling how much more competent and confident they feel to help someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Offered as part of volunteer training in some locations, to Distress Centre volunteers and staff, and to the community. For more information, click here (www.livingworks.net).  Available: Ottawa, Wellington/Dufferin, Niagara
Community Education Professional Distress Centre trainers provide talks in high schools, work places, or in community groups about suicide, signs to watch out for, and how to prevent it. They also provide seminars on active listening. 
Available:  Durham; Kingston, Niagara, Oakville, Ottawa, Peel, Toronto
Workplace Training Do you answer phones at work, or deal with disgruntled clients?  Discover the secrets Distress Centres have learned, practice techniques to calm distressed people, and watch customer and employee satisfaction rise.  Popular with many corporate and government groups. Custom fit to meet your needs. Available for a fee:  Ottawa, Durham, Oakville, Toronto
Suicide Survivor support Support for people who have lost loved ones due to suicide.  Individualized counseling, support group and informational resources.  Available:  Durham, Toronto
Homicide survivor support Support for people who have lost loved ones due to homicide.  Individualized counseling, support group and informational resources. Available:  Durham, Toronto
Resource Centre Various books, periodicals or videos can be borrowed on subjects such as mental health, addictions, suicide, grief, homicide.  Trained staff can provide referrals.  Available:  Durham, Ottawa, Waterloo (database of resources)